Research Allies for Lifelong Learning

Who is on our team?
​R-ALLYTM is a woman-owned research consulting LLC in Vienna, Virginia, in the Washington, DC metro area.To learn more about R-ALLY's team, please visit our R-ALLY's team page or contact us.

How is R-ALLY unique?
R-ALLY is dedicated to working with  adult educators and learners to fill a widespread need for rigorous, high-quality research in adult education and lifelong learning

  • Access research you can use on the R-ALLY website 24-7
  • R-ALLY researchers have  pioneered groundbreaking research on transitioning adult learners to college and careers and are  expanding the research
  • Our researchers have extensive experience in presenting adult education and transitions research to adult educators and showing how they can apply it with adult learners
  • R-ALLY is committed to giving a portion of its profits back to the adult education community to benefit adult learners


What is R-ALLY’s mission?
The mission of R-ALLY is applying research to support adult educators and learners.

How does R-ALLY carry out its mission?
If you believe in the value of high-quality, rigorous research, you are in good company. Well-designed research can address key questions and enhance learning. However, rigorous, high-quality research is typically not very digestible, either to educators or learners. R-ALLY explains current research findings, whether the research is done by R-ALLY or other researchers, so that adult educators and learners can put research findings to use to advance adult learning. R-ALLY also shares research findings nationally. 
If you need assistance in understanding and using your locally collected data,you can contact R-ALLY for help. You can also contact R-ALLY for research consulting and professional development on quantitative research for adult educators.

What is R-ALLY’s vision?
Our vision is to ensure you as adult educators and learners across the USA can maximize your use of adult education research findings.