Research Allies for Lifelong Learning

Enrollment in Nevada adult education slowed from a five-year high of 9,526 adults in 2007-8 to 8,673 adult learners in 2010-11. One young group saw declining numbers from 2006-7 forward. During a five-year time period, the percentage of 19-to-24-year-old adult learners decreased, from 22.3% to 15.9%. 

Not all groups saw a decline in enrollment, however. From 2006-7 to 2010-11, the biggest increase in adult education enrollment was in the 45-to-59-year-old group. This group increased from 13.7% of total enrollment to 20.5% in five years. While the differences are not large, they show that Nevada's adult learners are gradually becoming older, with fewer very young learners and more baby boomers being served.