Research Allies for Lifelong Learning

In spring 2011 an international research team conducted interviews with adults in seven U.S. states who had received GED® credentials approximately five years earlier. The interviews covered the educational experiences of adults from secondary schooling through  adult and postsecondary education.  As part of this qualitative research project, called Perceptions and Pathways, interviewees shared their candid perceptions about what their experience in adult education was like.  They also made many recommendations to adult educators on how to improve services to adult learners. Additionally, they shared their perceptions and recommendations related to postsecondary education.

Recent publications on Perceptions and Pathways

Post-GED-Credential Employment Experiences of Adults with Special Needs (Patterson, 2013)

Post-GED-Credential College Prospects for Adults with Special Needs (Patterson, 2014)

We encourage adult educators to pass along and discuss the perceptions and recommendations with colleagues: what insights do they offer that could benefit your program? How easy or difficult would it be to enact these recommendations? If you did so, what could your adult learners gain?

More recommendations will be re-posted soon. R-ALLY thanks GED Testing Service for offering access to the data for analysis and for permission to present our results. 

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